#2. Using The Green/Red Prediction Boxes 

LottoPredict is a large chart with 115 game days around the world which are all available to you. The games you can play are in the chart on the lefthand sidebar.

Here is just a section of the full LottoPredict chart:


The games are set out by country order. LottoPredict has several additional features to make using it especially valuable no matter where you play.

Here's the top menu items.


When playing with just the Silver Lotto System you use everything listed under this yellow column.



This means you use the colored squares which tell you what to play. For example, if the square is a green YES, you play that game. If the square is a red NO, you don't.


There are also 75%, 50% and 25% predictions which are explained fully in your LottoPredict membership site.


Simple as that - and it only takes a couple seconds for you to decide to play or not.

If you have PRO Custom Profiles, they allow you to play every lottery game each time without having to wait for a YES.

You don't use the colored squares for PRO. Instead you use these two columns on the right hand side of your chart.



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#3. The Headings Explained