#3. The Headings Explained


Here's an example of the columns for the first game shown on the chart, Australia.


Let's look at the columns above starting from the left:

Star Rating: This will have 1, 2 or 3 stars. A game with 3 stars is best. 

Country-State: There are 56 world games and 115 game days in LottoPredict.

Game: The official name of the game.

Ball/Nos: The number of balls and the numbers in each game.

Ticket $: The cost of a ticket in each game. It may be one box on a coupon, or several, depending on the game.

Day: The day of play. You'll see why this is important in the LottoPredict site.

PLAY: The YES/NO instructions for the Silver Lotto System.

Min $: The minimum $ amount you should play to get results. The YES squares get the highest, and as the risk gets lower down to the 25% option, you should spend less - or not play at all.


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#4. Why LottoPredict Is So Important