#4. Why LottoPredict Is So Important

It's the most important part of the Silver Lotto System and it's used by most of our winners.

But why do you need LottoPredict? After all, you still get the 98% win rate that the Silver Lotto System promises.

Well, LottoPredict has many advantages with the information it gives you, and among them are these important fast-track advantages:

  • You win faster. That's because you can eliminate the games that are not giving you a YES that week and instead play another that does.
  • You win more often. Imagine sitting out a month of red box NO's. That's 4 weeks gone forever. With LottoPredict at least you can choose another game (if available) in your town that has a YES. And if you have PRO you can play every game if you wish.

The best part?

All this is available in LottoPredict for as little as $6.60 a MONTH (when paid annually). There is no better deal for the price anywhere.

You will almost certainly get back a year's subscription cost with the savings from just a few games.


Let's get practical for the last step:

#5. 5 Tips For Using LottoPredict