#5. Here's 5 Tips For Using LottoPredict

To get the best out of LottoPredict, follow these time-tested tips:


#TIP 1. Use LottoPredict to choose the best game. 
Use LottoPredict to find out what game you should play in your area for the best odds. Just select the highest star rating to find the top rated game in your area.

A 1-star rating means your odds are not as good as a higher star, but it doesn't mean that a 1-star should be avoided. Use PRO to turn a low rating into a high one.


#TIP 2. Play an off-peak game with fewer players so you get a bigger share of any win.
If you have a couple games a week, some will be more popular than the other because of high jackpots, or even because people are used to playing at the weekend.

Your job is to find out which day is the LEAST popular and play that. You can find out by asking the lottery store staff - they have a good idea when it gets busiest.


#TIP 3. Don't play too many games with too few tickets. 
Are you trying to play every day your games show a YES in the green squares? You may need to hold off at times, especially if your budget is tight.

Most players fail to win because they are not putting enough tickets into the game. It's sometimes through a lack of money. So a suggestion - instead of playing twice a week with $20 a time, wait.

Add these amounts up and play $80 a game every TWO weeks. Same amount, better odds.


#TIP 4. Sometimes you should not play when 50% shows up in the orange square.

That 25% or 50% percentage simply means the decision to play is up to you. Where you can I recommend you only go for a sure thing... the green YES or 75% square.


#TIP 5. Play the big jackpots occasionally.
The games with the best Silver Lotto System win odds are usually small jackpots. But sometimes you might feel you're missing out when some of the big games show large jackpots.

Then just do it... go and play a big jackpot game. It'll keep your interest up while you wait for wins.


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