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Here’s some important news about this product you should know:

You’re probably wondering if it is genuine. I don’t blame you for asking. There are a lot of weight loss and ‘lose belly fat’ claims made around the internet that seem unbelievable - just too good to be true.

So this is why I’m giving you some help with this quick FAQ. Just look below for the topic that you want to know more about, and I guarantee you’ll feel more secure about buying it.


How are you involved, Ken?

The internet marketplace is becoming very confusing, and I get a lot of emails from my own customers who don’t know where to turn. They all say it’s hard to tell a good product from a scam these days. So I‘ve used my 30 year’s experience of successful internet business and check these products out. If they pass my test, I recommend them to you. And a few years ago I wrote my own weightloss book (not now available), so I have a good idea of what’s going to work.

Is my credit card safe?

Yes, very safe. This product is sold by ClickBank, an online credit card merchant. I’ve used them for over 15 years for my lottery products, and they are 100% genuine. If you have any problem, they will fix it for you. I’ve never had any issue regarding my customer’s credit card payments, and ClickBank have processed hundreds of thousands of my sales.

Can I get my money back?

Sure, you have 60 days to try it. But look, I doubt that you will need to get a refund, because I’ve selected the best of the best for you. You’re going to get very good value from it.

How do you choose the best weightloss products, all their ads look the same.

I check points that each product must pass, including popularity, time in business, appeal and ease of use. This one ticks all the boxes.

I see a lot of websites saying it’s a scam. Should I still buy it?

Yes. Because of the way I’ve reviewed and chosen this product, you won’t have any worries buying it. As for scams, there’s a lot of resellers out there who will trash a product so they can sell their own. For example, it’s common for resellers of ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ to destroy a product with a bad review website so the reseller can promote - guess what - Wealthy Affiliate! Be aware, the truth is often hidden from you.

If you have any problems or questions, just email me from the Lotto Life HELP menu above and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours or sooner, 24/7.

- Ken Silver
Founder - Silver Lotto System

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