Lost your lotto ticket? Shock investigation shows some lotteries will pay out to avoid negative news

This CBS video found that sometimes a lottery pays out in order to keep the image of their organisation favourable. Two undercover California Lottery investigators talk about how a lottery paid out a $1.9 million Powerball jackpot when the ticket wasn't handed in.

Blooper alert as Pennsylvania Lottery live draw gives these lottery presenters a headache

Sometimes life - and the lottery - doesn't always go to plan. This viewer video of the Pennsylvania Lottery live tv draw in January 2015 was a disaster from start to finish.

One comment noted: "I watched this on WPVI in Philly. I was shocked. I don't recall any problems involving 2 or more machines in all my years watching the PA Lottery TV drawings."

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Why lottery players shouldn't even enter a casino without knowing these hidden secrets

Casinos are risky in more ways than you realise, and are a worse deal than the lottery for most players. This video shows how the casinos suck people in to keep them playing. That casinos don't have clocks is one well-known fact, but also consider these fascinating secrets revealed here before you play. We recommend sticking with playing the lottery - it's a lot safer.

A convenient underground car lift in your garden is what every lottery winner needs to gain space

This list of goodies for the super-rich lottery winner is unique, and the lift is an eye-opener. And who wouldn't want the 3-screen reclining computer chair? It reminds us of the dentist, but hey - whatever works. Check out the rest of the video for some really interesting stuff you can buy whether you're rich or not.

Luckiest deadly plane crash survivor won a $1 million lottery jackpot one week later

You know how it goes... after a lucky escape most people make their way to the nearest lottery store to capitalise on their fortune. It proved true for Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khada, 62, who won $1 million in the Mega Millions game 1 week after an Emirates plane crash in Dubai in 2016. Lucky escape - lucky winner!

The remarkable story of $315 million Powerball winner Jack Whittaker left me in pure disbelief

It was hard watching the trail of self-destruction in this rare 20/20 interview that was the life of USA Powerball winner Jack Whittaker. And I couldn't help wondering how this successful businessman, already worth $17 million at the time, could have got it so wrong.

The awesome confessions of a super lottery winner moved me, but sadly there's no happy ending

LOOK BACK: In 2007 Cynthia Stafford was the winner of a $112 million jackpot from California's Mega Millions Lottery. In this video she speaks on how she got that win using the law of attraction, and reveals some background about her past. When I read that she filed for bankruptcy in January 2016 it was a shock. Apparently she gave too much money away to good causes, and ended up needing help herself. A sad end for a truly inspirational woman.

So what's the use of buying luxury brands if you can't pronounce their names correctly?

China's affluent consumers know what they want - it's just that some can't pronounce the western names of the hugely expensive brands they're buying. Meet the people who teach them how to acquire the upper-class accent that is needed, and see the high-end brands the Chinese are spending their millions on. There's buying ideas for every lottery winner here!

10 most ridiculous things bought by billionaires that makes most lottery winners look cheap

The most expensive of everything is shown in this video for lottery winners to get some buying ideas, and some of the facts are mind boggling. For instance, it takes 100 caretakers to look after the most expensive home in the world after Buckingham Palace. Would you spend $4 million on plastic surgery for your face - to look like a cat? Watch for more fascinating facts.