Explore the world's most expensive hotel... the astonishing $6 billion palace that is 7-star luxury for lottery winners

From the moment you are delivered by opulent Rolls Royce past giant water fountains, this Abu Dhabi hotel called the Emirates Palace will blow your mind. It has 1.3 km of private beachfront, and is surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens. Each room is built for ultimate comfort and luxury. Watch the video and prepare to book your room - for just a cool US$500-$1,000 a night.

Here are 7 expensive supercars for lottery winners - and some brands we bet you never knew existed

We all know about Ferrari. But a Vencer Sarthe - what the heck is that! Don't matter - these are some seriously different mechanical horses, and costly too even for a lottery winner. Take a look at the Rimac electric sports car and you'll agree it's a nice looking work of automotive art.

Powerball winner steps forward and talks frankly to Fox News about the ups and downs of his $100 million win

Fox News host Shep Smith caught up with Florida resident Steven White who won $110 Million in the Pennsylvania Powerball lottery in 2004, to see how he has coped since then. With his wife Kristin, Steve moved from New Jersey to a private compound in Florida, where he keeps a sportscar collection in a Garage Mahal next to their enormous house. He talks frankly about the win.

10 lottery winners who spent their wins and ended up broke, including one who wasted over $300 Million

If you won the lottery, you'd put a lot of it into the bank, right? After all, you're unlikely to earn that much again, ever. Not these 10 winners. They spent it all on the fun of life until most of their riches was gone. Find out how they spent their vast wealth, and resolve never to copy them!

Comedian Tim Allen bought these all-American autos and a few from outside the USA for this magnificent private collection

Many guys buy cars when they win the lottery. It's a long-held dream and once they have the money they go for it. But it's always nice to see how other rich collectors fill their barns, and the 'Home Improvement' star has one of the best we've seen. Take a look at some of these gleaming authentic American motors.

How did former Beatle Ringo Starr get involved in the UK National Lottery? Don't worry, just enjoy and sing along

Ringo started the National Lottery draw evening off by saying "I've got my ticket, and you've got yours." On that dramatic note he went on stage with his group to sing a song that sounded very much like all his others. No matter, it was history - of sorts - in the making for the Lottery. He's a Beatle after all.

How 3 sensible lottery winners spent their fortune in ways that will bore you - but it made them happy

Want some ideas on how to spend those millions of dollars you got from last night's lottery draw? These winners all did the sensible thing and invested most of it. One winner bought a new Cadillac, and put the rest in the bank. Where's the fun in that! If you want to know whether it was worthwhile, listen to what they say about their good luck. Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

Watch the shock on this lottery presenter's face as she suddenly discovers the live lotto draw is spewing balls everywhere

It's one of the most unusual accidents ever to happen to a lottery draw. Normally they are strictly controlled, with many safeguards in place to prevent the sort of problem that occurred here with the South Carolina Education Lottery machines. But in this 2011 live tv draw, it was a disaster. Keep watching to see how they solved the problem...

Won the lottery? Here's 6 ridiculously expensive homes you could own - wait until you see what Taylor Swift bought

The good thing about celebrities, they are always buying and selling homes depending on the amount of money they got from their last film. So that's good for lottery winners looking for an impressive home, and who can afford to buy anything. Any of these homes appeal to you? Not even Donald Trump's 80,000 sq ft Florida beachfront property? As president he may not be selling up yet.

Wait till you see these amazing origami swans made from old lottery tickets

The two fancy swans in the photo below were made from old - and we hope expired - lottery tickets. You can see how it's done in the video by a modelling expert who says that it is really easy if you follow his steps. Takes a while, but what a great way to use up your losing lottery tickets!

lottery swans

lottery swans

Her mum rang UK from Forida and told daughter to buy a Euromillions lottery ticket - 40 minutes before the draw closed

Her mum was in Florida getting an operation for a tumor when she heard about the EuroMillions lottery having a rollover. Having successfully recovered from the operation, she thought it was a lucky time to take a chance on the game and FaceTimed her daughter back in the UK. Guess what happened.