Could this hoax lottery ticket be the most shared facebook image ever? This is the fascinating story

You can't fake a lottery ticket right? Well, try to check it at the store, or take it over to the lottery HQ and you'll quickly be told where to put it. Yes, in the trash. So how did Nolan Daniels manage to get away with this fake ticket - AND five days later trick two million FB'ers into clicking on the photo and giving 27,000 comments? All is revealed here. And here.

15 ways your life will change when you win the lottery and #11 is a must-watch

Ah, money. Life is hard without it, and now apparently it's even more difficult with it! Who'da thought? Luckily someone with a Youtube account has it figured out and is giving you some sound advice... much like UK footballer George Best who famously stated: "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."

Want your lottery winnings to multiply like rabbits? Hop down to your lottery store after watching this ad

This funny ad shows the effect rabbits have on lottery wins. Produced for the UK National Lottery by ad agency DDFH&B, it features the Money Multiplier 30 scratch card game. The game range was launched in 2016 with the ‘Multiplying like Rabbits’ campaign starring #legendboy ‘Bunnydict Cumberhutch’.

Lottery tosses away giant $7.6 million check for Lotto 649 winner and all she got was this...

Some of the fun of winning the lottery - apart from spending the money maybe - is holding the giant check and getting photographed. But it looks like Canadian lottery BCLC wanted to go digital because the winner won online, and the result was, well, an anticlimax for all. What can Cowichan Valley resident Judith Pennyfeather put on her wall at home now? Going paperless isn't always the best way, but a shopping spree will quickly take care of that.

10 Gadgets That Lottery Winners Never Knew They Could Buy - Including The World's First Flying Car

You don't have to be a millionaire lottery winner to buy some of the items in this Top 10 list, but it helps if you want this fantastic flying car undergoing testing right now. What about a beach towel that just absorbs sand so you never feel the gritty stuff ever again. But everyone, rich or not, needs the robot lawnmower. Take a look...