This Scratch-Off King Happily Spends $1,000 A Month - So How Much Does He Actually Win?

Can you believe it? This casually-dressed local man spent $1,000 a month back in 2008 on scratch-off lottery tickets. He admitted winning $5,200 in his first game and this was the reason he got really interested playing larger amounts. He also said he gets paid for losing. Watch to see how he explains that theory.

What Lottery Winners Do Differently In Their Weekends Off [VIDEO]

Of course the really rich - including the lotto-winner rich - have week-long weekends. No matter, the Washington State Lottery managed to capture a neat little twist on what you could do with some of your lotto winnings this weekend. Watch it right through, and be ready for a laugh in the final moments.

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Shocking Advice For Lottery Winner Spendaholics Revealed By This Man And A Whiteboard

Think you know what you should do immediately after you win the lottery? You won't believe the advice this man gives you in this video. After the shock has worn off, he tells you to make a difficult decision. But when you do, it will impact positively for the rest of your life. This advice starts early at 0:26 in the video.

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How To Be Happier Than A Lottery Winner - Is It Even Possible?

It’s now a proven fact apparently … a Swedish academic study has shown that having more money leads to a happier life. The research studied thousands of Swedish lottery winners and found they were even happier 20 years later.

So how can anyone be happier than a lottery winner? Happiness expert Justin Cohen believes he has the answer - do a 5-minute mental activity each week, and your happiness climbs 25%. Watch and find out how.

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Emotion Replaces Humor In UK Lottery's New Gut-Wrenching Commercial

Just released today, this ad is a new way of looking at promoting winning the lottery for Camelot, the organisation which runs the UK National Lottery.

Sam LeCoeur, managing partner at Adam&Eve/DDB which made the 2-minute commercial, says in a statement: “The moment we started working with Camelot, our shared ambition was simple: to build a new emotional relationship with our audience that shows the amazing things that can happen for families, communities and the nation, as a result of simply buying a National Lottery ticket.’’

Watch and see if you agree.

RICH IS: Being The First Billionaire Tourist To Orbit The Moon In A SpaceX Rocket

The 14th richest man is Japan has just won the lottery for space travel. Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is about to step aboard the experimental SpaceX BFR spacecraft and fly around the moon. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced at a press conference today that Yusaku Maezawa, a 42-year-old entrepreneur, online fashion website and art collector worth US$2.7B, will be taking the flight in 2023.

Maezawa recently introduced a custom-fit clothing brand, and the ZOZOSUIT, an at-home measurement system, in over 72 countries and territories. Now he'll be able to inspect his empire from space, accompanied by 6 to 8 fellow travelers of his choosing.

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This Math Whizz Played Over 7 Million Tickets In A Single Lottery Game. The Result Left Everyone Speechless

This could be the most extraordinary lottery story ever told. Stefan Mandel, a Romanian math expert, spent years finding a way to win a large lottery jackpot. Then suddenly in Melbourne, Australia, he chanced on the exact conditions for his formula and sprang into action. What happened next was the stuff of dreams. Watch to see exactly how he did it, and the result of his enormous bet. It'll simply leave you in astonishment at his audacity and huge ambition.

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Better Than A Lottery Win: Man Saves Pennies For 45 Years And Is Astounded At The Total

The Louisiana man started collecting pennies when he was 28-years-old after finding one on the ground. And 45 years later Otha Anders (right), now 73, took a moving dolly and deposited the fifteen 5-gallon plastic jugs with half a million pennies into the Ruston Origin Bank, in Ruston, La. After five hours of counting, the bank had a total. The amount - larger than many lottery wins - will shock you…


Watch The Fascinating 2-Minute TimeLapse Of An Oklahoma Lottery Billboard

Nobody has hours to spend gazing at the construction of a new ad on a lottery billboard any longer. So imagine our delight when we saw this sped-up video version showing the morning’s work in just 2 minutes. The workers added a money extension and the spangle effect should look great at night. Take a look…

Denver Man Celebrates The Almost Impossible: Triple Lottery Wins Totalling $1 Million In Just 18 Months

Denver Man Celebrates The Almost Impossible: Triple Lottery Wins Totalling $1 Million In Just 18 Months

Paul G admits his family laughed at him for using his winning system on the Colorado Lottery, but it has bought the scratch-off player amazing luck three times.

The first prize of $250k was in March 2017, and second of $500k in August 2018. The now-millionaire revealed:

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'See You In Court' Says Feuding Aunt To Nephew Over $1.2 Million Lotto Win

Both names were on the ‘Chase The Ace’ Canadian fundraising lottery game, but Barbara Reddick threatened to take her newhew to court and get back her half of the $1.22 million winnings. The whole saga was seen out on this video. Reddick says, “I'm getting a lawyer tomorrow. Now you can print that."

UPDATE: September 20, 2018: A court proceeding froze half of the winnings until the dispute was dealt with. The family reached an agreement that Tyrone MacInnis, 19, would receive $373,507 – less than half the original amount awarded to him – while his aunt would pocket the bulk of the win, approximately $931,000.


Ellen Grabs Exclusive Interview With More $528 Million USA Powerball Winners... So Why Did They Splash Out On A Mansion Later?

Lisa and John Robinson said to Ellen DeGeneres they would stay living in their modest home in Munford. They had claimed the third share of the $1.8 Billion Powerball jackpot in 2016. But barely 6 months later they bought a lavish $6.2M lakeside property and are living it up in proper lotto millionaire fashion. Earlier they had talked to Fox13 about moving house. "We’re common people,” John Robinson said. “We’re just like y’all. These big fancy houses are nice, but you gotta clean ‘em.” Yes John.

10 Unbelievable Super Yachts That Only Lottery Winners Can Afford

A rule of thumb for the average millionaire lottery winner should take note of when buying a super yacht: it will generally cost you 10% of the purchase price to keep it afloat and maintained - each year! Talk about a hole in the ocean in which you throw money. Only the wealthiest can afford some of these glistening sea mansions in this Top 10 list. But think of the benefits of sea air for your health, plus the Mediterranean style meals your galley of chefs will produce for you at any time day or night. A sailing we will go!

The Reality Of Being A Lottery Winner - How Much Has £22.5 Million Winner Got Left?

“I’ve been quite naughty I suppose,” confessed the lottery winner with a twinkle in his eye on national television. Mark Gardiner shared a £22.59 Million ($US$26M) jackpot win from the UK National Lottery with business partner Paul Maddison. Now, almost 20 years later, he tells Piers Morgan on tv program Good Morning Britain how he coped with the early success.