CELEBRITY: My Stand-off With Film Actor Terence Stamp At Heathrow Airport

Scary... film actor Terence Stamp at Heathrow airport. (PhotoMontage)

It was a few years ago. I was standing around at Heathrow airport in London, waiting in line when I saw him.

Unmistakably Terence Stamp, film actor. With his girl friend.

And he was alone with her, sometimes looking around, sometimes standing on a weighing machine, sometimes affectionately holding his much smaller partner and canoodling.

He's tall, a few inches over 6 foot. And I was a little intimidated. I wanted to meet him, tell him that I had enjoyed his films, but I had doubts.

Terence is a stern-looking guy. How would he react to anyone approaching him? No-one in the crowded airport had done so - so far.

And he had no entourage, no heavies, no fussing officials.

Had I really got the right person? Where was all the Hollywood fuss that identified him as one of the most recognized and admired film actors of his time? Including his camp classic, Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (photo).

So he disappeared in a lift 20 minutes later, and I caught my plane.

And to this day I regret not making the connection. But like a gawking fan too scared to make an approach, I missed my opportunity.

You might feel the same way about selecting my products.

Are they the real thing? If they're so good, then where are the bodyguards... the proof that they are the stars of the lottery world?

The answer is you have to do what I didn't... take the first step. Reach out, meet the product, watch it work for you.

Thousands of fans have met my products. All have benefitted in some way.