Look Into My Eyes: What Hypnotists Know That Helps You Win The Lottery

"LOOK into my eyes..." It's a familiar phrase made famous and uttered by hypnotists the world over.

Or they might ask you to look at a swinging object at the end of a long string.

Others might tell you to close your eyes and concentrate on imagining yourself on a tropical beach in the sun.

What they are all doing is a form of focus, getting you to drown out all other forms of thought and bringing all your power to one point. And so you fall easily under their spell.

The reason many lottery players are unsuccessful is because they lack focus.

Many Silverites tell me they play two games a week. This Poll result proves it - 42% of players are splitting their effort twice a week.

Their reason is to spread the risk, and avoid the 'too many eggs in a basket' approach.

This is entirely the wrong answer to winning the lottery. They are spreading their money and concentration too thinly.

Every single success in almost every area of life can be put down to one single thing. Focus.

That, along with persistence, is the secret to success in anything. Yes, anything! Resolve this year to change your strategy.

1. Stop playing multiple games.
2. Play only one game with as many tickets as you can afford.

For example, at times the Mega Millions and Powerball both offer enormous jackpots, and it is tempting to play both at once as the prize money increases on rollover.

Instead put all your focus and tickets into only one of them at a time. With the increased focus and larger numbers of tickets you're able to play, your winning chances go way up.

When I snap my fingers, you will wake refreshed...