Computer Guy Plays Same SuperLotto-Plus Numbers For 6 Years, Then Wins $50 Million

California SuperLotto Plus winner Racy Pel shows his $50 million dollar check at the lottery headquarters.

Patience is sometimes needed when you play the lottery. In Racy Pel's case, it paid off handsomely.

The SoCal player paid $20 for a set of tickets which included numbers that he's been using for the past six years, and on Wednesday December 18th that combination came up tops.

Pel, a computer networker, says he buys tickets for the California SuperLotto Plus "because the money goes back to the schools," he said after his win.

He has three children in public schools, and says it is his way of helping out the schools.

Pel plans to buy a new car to replace the one that he said has a tendency to break down on his way to work. We think he won't be working for much longer!


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