For 10 Irish Lotto Winners Monday Work Day Turns Out To Be Jackpot Day

Donal O'Grady (left) runs the store where the ticket was sold in Limerick.

Ten workers from the cheese strings production line at the Kerry Group factory in Charleville turned up for work on Monday - only to discover they scooped Saturday's €3.88million (US$4.1M) Irish Lotto jackpot.

The thrilled group had been trying their luck for the jackpot for the past 12 years.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the lucky syndicate didn't realise they had won the nearly €4m draw until Monday.

Store manager Donal O'Grady is the Limerick senior hurling team captain. PHOTO: Independent

That was after the ticket holder looked at it with the rest of the group at work on Monday morning.

"There is one female and nine males in the group," said a spokesman at the company.

"They all appeared for work as usual on Monday morning and I don't think they realised until then after the ticket holder produced the winning ticket."

The winning ticket was sold in O'Grady's SPAR shop in Ballingarry, Co Limerick, run by Limerick hurling captain, Donal O'Grady.

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