A Robbery Then $6.7 Million Lottery Win - All In A Week For This Store

The Johnson Siding General Store in South Dakota has seen two major events over the last week, and the husband and wife owners are wondering what's next.

The first was a robbery which left Randy and Jody Roth $2,000 out of pocket.

Then came the $6.4 million Hot Lotto win. But while they discovered who had robbed their store, they still don't know who won the Hot Lotto jackpot.

“I do hope it is one of a couple of people, but I don’t want to say their names,” said Jody Roth.

The Johnson Siding General Store on West Highway 44 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

“We do have a gentleman come in who buys lottery tickets for himself and he always buys one for us. He’s just a loving, kind person, and he has become an important customer to us, more than a customer, a friend."

Randy Roth headed to Arizona last weekend, where he had prime seats on the 50 yard line for Thursday night’s Minnesota Vikings-Arizona Cardinals football game.

But shortly after he arrived in Arizona Sunday night, Jody had to call and tell him their store on West Highway 44 had been robbed of about $2,000.

Then on Thursday, Jody learned that one of their clerks had been arrested for staging the robbery.

Pennington County Sheriff's deputies arrested the employee, Justin Burns, 21, of Rapid City, on suspicion of grand theft and making a false report.

Jody said she suspected an inside job from the moment she pulled up Sunday night and found seven sheriff’s vehicles at her store and the employee in an ambulance, sporting “a goose egg the size of a golf ball in the middle of his forehead.”

“I knew we had not been robbed,” she said. “The gentleman working for us was in the ambulance. I took one look at him and told a deputy the goose egg had lines in it just like the butt of the knife sitting on the store counter. The strange thing was he had to hit himself several times to get a big enough dent.”

Sheriff’s deputies later recovered the money in a location close to the store.

On Thursday, things got even stranger when Jody learned their store had sold a Hot Lotto ticket valued at $6.7 million.

“I called Randy and told him he’d better sit down because we sold a multi-million-dollar lottery ticket,” Jody said, giggling. “He said, `Are you kidding me?’ He thought I was joking, trying to make him feel better about the other incident.”

The South Dakota Lottery Office in Pierre.

The winner has yet to step forward, according to the South Dakota Lottery Office in Pierre, but the odds of winning the 14-state Hot Lotto contest are about 1 in 29 million. The winner has six months to claim the prize.

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