Would You Play The Same Lottery Numbers For 20 Years To Win Once?


Winners Dennis and Mary Graham played the same numbers for 20 years to win £4.5 million. Photo: The Mirror

The Silver Lotto System works by using the same numbers each time. But many other non-System players use their own same numbers too, and win also.

So is that the secret to better play? Not really, because it often takes a lifetime to win anything.

Generally many players use the same numbers because the effort in selecting new ones each week is mentally exhausting. So they pick a selection of 'lucky' numbers which may include their birthdate, leaving out No. 13, adding the Chinese lucky number 8, and so on.

And they use them all the time, just like us.

The 'unlucky' number 13 is not frequently drawn in the UK National Lottery, but that's not a reason to avoid it. Graphic: Lottery.co.uk

And they keep playing these numbers until the combination of luck and chance collide and they win - often many years later.

Now, we play with the same Silver Lotto System numbers each game, but they are different to random numbers. They are part of a successful System.

We achieve far better results.

My record 15 winning tickets in one game came after winning 22 prizes in an earlier game.

Many of our players win constantly each game. My record is 22 tickets - and more recently 15 tickets - in just one game. You never get those results playing the same numbers without my System.

So really, the 'same numbers each time' trick only works for the few lucky players who are not using my System. They often have to play for years before getting the big pay-off.

We play and win frequently. That's the big difference!