Flamboyant $500,000 Lottery Winner Wanted To Treat Store Shoppers For Free. What Happened Next Is Unbelievable

The woman who wanted to buy everyone something from the store with her lottery winnings.

A women who claimed she had won the lottery wanted to treat customers by buying clothes for them. But the 2009 incident at the east side Burlington Coat Factory in Ohio, USA, nearly turned into a riot.

It started when a woman arrived in a stretch Hummer limo to the clothing store intending to spend her winnings on all the customers there.

The woman, 45, asked customers to tell their friends and family about her offer and said she would stay until the store closed.

Store managers told 10TV News that she paid for roughly $5,000 in merchandise with a debit card before her card’s limit was reached.

The woman then announced to the store that she was returning to the bank to secure more cash but by 3pm police announced that the shopping spree was over and turned the crowds away.

When shoppers learned the merchandise would not be paid for, some customers trashed the store. The store closed early so that workers could clean up. Some shoppers said they had carts filled with merchandise.

The woman’s family later came forward to explain that she suffers from mental illness, which triggered both the Burlington incident and some false 911 calls.

"I want people to know my mom was not in her right mind,” the woman's daughter told reporters. "She has not been on her medication. When she gets off her medication, she's going to do extravagant things."

The woman has not been charged with any crimes related to this incident.

STORY: 10tv

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