3 rock solid proven ways to stay positive until your lottery win comes in


Manuel Franco, of Wisconsin is pretty positive about winning $768 million in this year’s Powerball.

Most lottery players are very positive. But when they don’t get the wins they’d hoped for, it’s sometimes hard to stay that way.

So here’s 3 ways to help you remember to be positive:

1. Staying positive keeps you playing. And that's the most important part of winning lotto - taking part! Without your "entry fee" - the tickets you buy to get into the game - you'll get nowhere. Knowing that your next game could be the Big One is a great motivator.

2. By being positive, you energize the players around you. Lotto is not a solitary game... it is meant to be enjoyed by many people. So gather everyone together round the tv when the game is drawn, and make a social occasion of it. See how the reinforcing effect is keeping you interested, and playing?

3. Remember that a percentage of your play money goes to worthy causes. Clubs, charities, volunteer organizations... they all benefit by your generosity. And if you believe in karma - the attitude that what you give out will always come back manyfold, then that's your reward.

Stay positive!