Amazon worker wins £10K a month lottery prize and now dreams of being a scriptwriter


'They asked why I was leaving, so I wrote: won the lottery!' revealed the former Amazon worker.

UK winner Dean Weymes, 24, is looking forward to pursuing his screenwriting dreams after winning the top prize on the National Lottery’s Set For Life game.

He hit the jackpot on his first attempt at the new National Lottery game.

The former Amazon transport worker will get to enjoy £10,000 every month tax-free for the next 30 years, and he’s already got some big plans.


The screenwriting graduate posed for pictures in Cambridgeshire. PHOTO: Phil Harris / Daily Mirror

Film and theatre buff Dean said, “I have always wanted to fulfil my dream to become a script writer and this now allows me the freedom to do it. I didn’t have to give it a second thought.”

The movie buff from Peterborough studied Video and Film at university in Dundalk, in Ireland.

“It is an incredible feeling that I will be getting £10 thousand every month for 30 years – I literally am living the dream.”

Dean is also looking forward to putting a deposit on his dream home. He currently lives with his sister, Sarah, who introduced him to Set For Life. And he’s already planning on saying ‘thank you’ with a family trip to Disneyland Paris.

He’s going sky high on other ambitions too – with a hot air balloon ride and tandem skydive planned.

Dean said, “I cannot actually believe that I am really going to be able to do these things – and do them right now! Everything still seems quite unreal – the news really is still sinking in.”

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