Click! This Mega Millions record-breaking $3 million prize is the largest ever bought online


Dave and Kris Smith of Farmington Hills have won the largest Mega Millions online prize. They picked up their check yesterday from the Michigan Lottery. PHOTO: Michigan Lottery

Michigan man David Smith is a celebrity of sorts. That’s because his prize is the largest ever won with a ticket bought on the Mega Millions online website.

And the $3 million win came with some convincing. The Farmington Hills, Michigan, man had to convince his wife Kris they were millionaires. The most he had won previously was $200.

Some of the games you can play online at the Michigan Lottery.

So with a 5 ball prize, how did he win three times amount of a standard $1 million prize?

It was all due to Megaplier. With this prize extra the 59-year-old’s windfall was multiplied by three to make a $3 million prize.

He bought three easy picks in the Mega Millions game online at $2 apiece, and added the multiplier option for $1 each.


David Smith matched the five white balls drawn: 20-34-39-43-57 in Tuesday’s drawing.

“I was checking my tickets online Wednesday morning, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the $3 million winner,” said Smith. “I called my wife right away and it took me 10 minutes to convince her we’d won $3 million.

“She was still skeptical, so she had me send her a screenshot and then Googled the numbers herself. We were both stunned. We’re still in shock.”

“It was the best investment I ever made,” he laughed.

The Mega Millions official draw for June 11, 2019 where David Smith won $1 million, times three.

Smith visited Michigan Lottery headquarters on Friday to claim the big prize.

The systems engineer manager for a large computer company didn’t quit his job.

“Most people just say goodbye to their job, but my plan even before the money was to work another two to four years and that is still my plan,” he told USA Today.


Dave and Kris Smith with their son, Mike, and grandson, Micah, at Michigan Lottery headquarters. PHOTO: Michigan Lottery

He plans to complete some home improvements, take his family on a vacation, and then save the remainder for retirement.

“Winning takes so much pressure off with our retirement coming up in a few years. We couldn’t be more thankful and humble,” Smith said.

Smith’s prize is the largest ever won with a ticket bought at Two other players have won $1 million online.

In February 2015, Pam Rawson, of Grand Junction made Michigan Lottery history becoming the first online game $1 million winner. She won playing the Diamond Payout instant game (actual play in the video above).

And in July 2016, Tammy Weadock, of Onsted, won a $1 million Powerball prize.