ODDITY: Angry lottery winner flushes nearly half a MILLION dollars down the toilet


A 63-year-old German woman downed five bottles of champagne a few days after a $420,000 lottery windfall… before drunkenly tearing the cash into pieces and flushing it down the toilet.

Some people do crazy things with money. Angela Maier won $420,000 in the German national lottery, prompting the nursing home where her husband died to send her a bill towards his medical expenses, a court heard in her home city of Essen.

When she read the letter, she became so angry that she threw away her cash in a rage.

She claimed to have downed the champagne and then tore up the money, which she then flushed away.

Later Maier settled the case with the home for $5,500. It’s not known if Maier has been able to reclaim the money, since lawyers argued it would be hard to prove that she made up this story.

Why exactly Maier was keeping almost half a million dollars in cash in her house remains unclear.