Police pull over random Texas drivers for a surprise ticket they never expected

For police officers in the Texan town of Taft, one duty brought a welcome change of pace. They didn’t have to cite people for traffic violations or chase after wrongdoers.

Instead, they spent time stuffing envelopes for a merry reason.

Then on the Friday before Christmas week, Taft officers were busy handing out tickets to unsuspecting drivers. Sound worrisome? It was for these drivers - until police explained what they were doing.


One of Taft’s police officers stuffing envelopes with cards and scratch-offs.

As a gesture of Christmas cheer and generosity, the Texan town’s cops were handing out holiday cards and lottery tickets to everyone they pulled over.

It came as a big surprise to anxious drivers who didn’t know whether they did something wrong.

Smiling officers handed the cards out which each contained a lottery scratcher and a message of season’s greetings from the Taft Police Department.

To make it even sweeter, young passengers were gifted with either a bag of candy or a Whataburger gift card.