Poll shows that half of all lottery players are not playing correctly. Here's how to fix it


Not many people understand this ad, but it’s talking about losing: Photo

Recently I was taking a look at some of the older polls on the Lotto Life, reviewing the results. Suddenly some of the figures jumped out at me... and I can tell you now - it wasn't good news.

Two polls told me nearly half of you are not playing your lottery game correctly. Worse - you're throwing away any chance of getting wins... maybe without realizing it.

Here's the two polls in question.

I'll quickly reveal why you're crashing, and how you can improve your own results in a couple of simple steps:

The first poll shows that over half of the players polled are happy to spend just $10 a game.

The poll background was asking how much you would spend in order to get a $13 million win like this Florida Lotto winner. He played daily for years, racking up a massive $600,000 debt before eventually winning a $13 million share of the $52 million prize.


The second poll shows that nearly half of you - 44% of the responses - are tempted to play TWICE a week:

That's a serious problem for you as a winner-in-waiting, and here's why: Because if you follow the patterns here in these polls, you're playing too frequently with too few tickets.

My Silver Lotto System works best when you spend as much as possible in ONE game.

Now, sure, 10 bucks will get you some prizes - maybe even the jackpot. But you're better off spending 2 or 3 times that $10 to get some serious results. The odds of winning go higher real fast when you start loading up your tickets.

My recommendation in this case? It's simple...

Save your $10 each time and don't play for 2 weeks. That will give you $40. Put that amount on your game. It will work wonders for your winning chances. A month with $80 accumulated will do even better.

And if you need the twice-weekly thrill of playing? Buy just one ticket for the fun of it. It will only cost $1 or $2, but keeps your enthusiasm up while you're waiting for the blockbuster game!

And don't forget to use the Silver Lotto System each time, no matter how many tickets you buy. Add LottoPredict to make each game more productive.