The secret best time to play the lottery according to this little-known plan


The chances of winning a Mega Millions, Powerball, Euromillions, Lotto Max or any other giant jackpot lotteries are lower than smaller prize games.

In the LottoPredict chart, I show these as 1-star games.

That means they have the lowest chance of winning a jackpot or major prize and you should use PRO instead of the standard Silver Lotto System.

Or you can change and play a 3-star game if it's in your area. These games have the best odds.

But what if you have a small budget for tickets, and want to go for the bigger jackpot game?

The answer is to play the maximum number of tickets just after the main prize rolls over to a larger amount.

For example, if the main prize is $2 million then next week rolls over to $3 million, you should play that second game.

If it rolls over again over several weeks to $10 million, then you should only play that last week.

Now, the interesting part in this method is that no-one knows when the prize will be won in between.

My recommendation is to research the game and chart the number of times it has rolled over and by what amount.

Then plan to play when the jackpot increases its climb after 3 or 4 times, like this:

Week 1 - $1m

Week 2 - $2m

Week 3 - $5m- Play this game now

Week 4 - $1m

Week 5 - $2m

Week 6 - $4m - Play this game now

Just remember, this tactic is only one small part of the Silver Lotto System.

We have had quite a few major winners however, like Jason and his $22.2 Million win, so don't give up too soon:

Hi Ken,

Yes, I have the winning ticket (I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87), my son bought it for me for Father’s day along with some scratchies and sent it in a card, I emailed him my numbers about a fortnight ago. He lives in WA and purchased the ticket there. Can hardly contain myself.

Cheers, Jason