10 magical reasons why you should buy a winning lottery ticket today

MIG-ride (1).jpeg

Want to fly a fighter jet? Only costs about $7,000 an hour!

Here's a list of 10 compelling reasons why you need to buy a lottery ticket right now. Because jet flights are not pocket change!

1. Because you didn't win big last game. And as much as you can try to ignore it, the experience of losing last week still sucks. All those dreams you had for a new life - dashed. That makes it doubly important to be in the next game.

2. Because frequent play makes frequent winners. The more you play, the more you win. Statisticians know this, now so do you.

3. Because someone else will win the jackpot and you'll always regret it. You had the numbers, but you didn't play. And worse, someone else won YOUR jackpot:


James Bond, Sean Connery and the iconic Aston Martin DB5. PHOTO

4. Because that big purchase is always just out of reach. Want to add a vintage Aston Martin DB5 to your car collection? But you’re going to need a major prize or a jackpot to get there. Some things are just impossible to buy without years of saving. You need a big win.

5. Because you need to aim for something. Just getting through the week without drama is what most people hope for. But there's more to life than that. Imagine if you took your family to the mall tomorrow - in France! What a difference it would make to your life today.

6. Because you need to kick your old life into touch. Let's face it, a life of washing up and putting out the garbage, feeding your family or wondering about retirement is not really a life. Do the Everest summit or base camp climb. Swim with the dolphins. Fly that MIG fighter. Dine with a movie star with your table donation. Take your family to Disneyland, in Paris. Anything is possible in your new life with a lottery ticket.

Screaming on a ride in Disneyland, Paris, France - all possible with a lottery win.

7. Because you could do so much good. Now you don't have to flip quickly past the photos of starving children... you can make a difference with a stroke of a pen. Your check could help a distant village in food and water for years.

8. Because you want to feel really secure for the first time. Remember the feeling you had in the store when your card was turned down? Or you didn't get that job? Or, like me many years ago you could only fill your car with $20 of gas? You'll NEVER be in this position ever again. It's worth the effort to pay and play.

9. Because you can now afford stuff AND experiences. Everyone says that the key to a fulfilled life is the experiences you'll always remember... the travel, the meetings, the memories. But like some others I prefer acquiring stuff... for the hunting and gathering as well as the using. Now, with enough funds, you can have both - the best of both worlds.


These Connecticut winners started giving away some of their Powerball $255 million win. PHOTO

10. Because a winning lottery ticket the cheapest way to get rich, ever. Nothing comes close. A guy on one of the forums I visit has bought a luxury car with with some Apple stock. Only took him 10 years and a bunch of investment money! That's a long time and a heap of cash to find. Nothing beats the lottery for instant wealth.

Do it now! Buy that ticket! Here’s what you might get:


Dear KEN, Last Saturday i was one of the lucky winners - we shared the big jackpot. 6 provisional winners of $537396.59 each (Total $3,224,379.00) and we are one of the 6. Regards,Maher M.

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