Why I Still Read Dinosaur Newspapers (And Still Win Lottery Prizes)

Every morning before breakfast I go out my garage door (so I can pass by and drink in the shape of my sleek Bentley Continental, sitting there gleaming in the semi darkness).

Out to the driveway to retrieve the morning paper. The same one I occasionally hear plopping on the ground outside my bedroom window an hour before, then the delivery car driving away in the dark.

And each time as I pick it up...round sunrise...I wonder why I still subscribe to the delivery.

Because I know this familiar shape of folded paper in a plastic bag will contain much bad news, some murder and a lot of mayhem.

That's how newspapers make their money...by feeding our gullible minds with negativity we crave...to make our ordinary lives appear better than the unfortunates we're reading about.

And as I spread it out on the kitchen table, parked under my bowl of cereal or plate of omelette, I wonder again why I still read it.

Who murdered who. World economy crashing. Weather going to kill us all as it wipes out the planet.

Many positive and successful people say I should stop listening to all news.

News, they say, does you no good. And one day I will stop...just after I finish reading about an interesting development in my city that is likely to do me some good.

In fact, the other week I saw a photo of a friend standing in front of his newly built commercial premises. It was interesting because I didn't know he had returned from a 3 month trip in South America. And I didn't know he was so rich.

While I'm certain that newspapers - the dinosaurs of our digital age - are destined for extinction - information isn't.

It is information that we need, and it's not that important what form it comes in. At least newspapers are good for lining birdcages after reading, whereas the iPad just sits there taking up space.

By the way, I'm sitting in bed right now writing this article on my iPad. The newspaper is waiting for me outside on the drive. Old and new. Two completely different ways to connect to the world.

I don't ever want this lottery blog to resemble a newspaper - all bad with a couple of sunshiny items to perk us up.

I try to write positivity. But you know, sometimes we all have to be shaken out of our sleepy ways.

If we read about lottery players who won - but really didn't because they forgot to take a ticket - this should be a wakeup call for us all.

Happened to a friend of mine a little while back...he lost the potential of a million dollars. He had the Silver Lotto System numbers all lined up too.

It's info like this that should cause us to grab our tickets and run down to the nearest lotto shop before we lose that same opportunity.

It's information that I hope I bring you each day - so you don't get caught with a handful of tickets, wasted opportunities you'll regret forever:

Lester R... "$1 MILLION Was Mine! But..."

After taking tickets of the same series for some time,... I decided to extend out to a much larger number of entries. This was what Ken had been saying so I followed instructions. Now I needed to get organised quickly and cut to the chase, buy the tickets and watch the results. I did get organised but alas I let that fateful night go by when I did not buy and the prize pool meant that $1M would have been won as my first line of numbers came up.

Lester R . (Name and Address Supplied)

We all need reminding of the path to take.

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