Happy Times, And Some Lottery Winning Prediction Changes Today

Jessie L emailed me and wrote: "Ken, I like your enthusiasm. You write and keep writing day after day. You make me feel good about playing and winning the lottery."

That comment means more to me than all the winner's testimonials.

Because what I enjoy most is people winning and putting a smile on their faces. There aren't many 'happy' organisations or services. Sure, when you get your car fixed that's a big relief... until the bill comes in.

"It cost HOW MUCH!!" That's never welcome.

Same with doctors, dentists, plumbers... they all help you, sure - but their gold plated bill wipes out your happy smile in an instant. Everything is so darn expensive.

That's why I feel good that I can bring joy and hope for just a couple of bucks. That's all it takes... you don't have to play big money to win the lottery. It's why sometimes me and my system are known as the 'cheapskate' cash-cow.

The Silver Lotto System is also cheaper to buy than most other lottery systems out there. (And of course - the real advantage that mine works, and theirs doesn't :) Many people think they need to spend hundreds of dollars a game to get a win - not so.

The Silver Lotto System is designed to squeeze the very last drop of winning advantage out of your tickets, no matter what you spend.

Ken- I purchased your Silver Lotto System <http://www.silverlotto.com/> just 2 weeks ago and since that time I have won lots of small prizes. This might not sound like a big deal but in tracking my winnings I found that I was staying even until I won a $200 jackpot playing cash 5 in Colorado, USA. It is nice feeling like I now have a chance of winning the big one. Before your system I was donating my hard earned cash. I would go weeks and not even match one number but now I win... Thanks Ken!
Manfred F, Colorado, USA

Here's another way to save your pennies...

Long, long ago I devised an even better method to ramp down your costs. The Lotto-80 System. For a few dollars a month it will tell you - in a matter of seconds - whether you should play your game this week. Or whether you should hold off until a better winning opportunity comes through.

If you've been thinking about joining over the last few days or weeks, don't delay. Every game you play that doesn't have the Lotto-80 'seal of approval' on it will probably end up losing you money.

And every week about this time I put up 5 random games from the 87 or so in the Lotto-80 System. These are teaser results... to get you excited about joining up. Actually, it's not only the games that will get your jaws-a-dribbling - the low price is what will really get you revved up.

Because it's less than the cost of a latte a month. (Since I'm not a coffee drinker, I'm not really sure about the price of a latte. Maybe substitute a burger instead).

The Lotto-80 System tells you when to play, or when not to play. Not playing when the red square shows could mean a huge saving for you. And if you're already a member, you'll also notice something else today...

The frequency of YES and NO plays for all games are up 50%. That's because we're using an updated version of the algorithm. It gives you far more options - and a better prediction rate!


- Australian Lotto 6/45
- Canada Lotto MAX
- Philippines MegaLotto
- UK National Lottery
- Colorado 6/42

So get winning, and make the saving on your next game now: http://www.lotto-80.com