Your Own Mom A Lottery Winning Competitor?

After the cheering was over, and everyone round the TV stopped clapping you on the back, it was time to kill the party.

You taped your winning ticket to your chest.

And then spent a sleepless night tossing and turning.

And wondering... how were you going to spend $30 milllion!

In the morning you rang your mother.

She was delighted for you, of course. Moms always are.

After she had finished congratulating you, she had a thought.

"Hey," she said, "I think I bought a ticket for last night too."

The phone went dead as she dropped the receiver and went away to look for it. Then you heard the screams of joy.

She was shouting "I've won, I've won!" over and over.

It was a few minutes before she returned, breathless with excitement.

We congratulated each over all over again. Imagine, splitting the main prize with your own Mom! Not $30m for yourself though - still $15m was a lot of money... enough to last a lifetime.

"We must go together to the lotto headquarters to pick up our check," she said. So when Monday came round, Mom and you stepped out of the cab.

And into a huge crowd of people milling and thronging around the multi-storey glass lottery building.

"What's going on?"

Then it dawned on us as we listened to their talk... every one of those people were 1st division winners!

Hundreds of them, maybe thousands. All standing in groups with dazed faces and wacky grins. It took hours for you to get into the building. The harried lottery people processed our checks, and as we stepped away we stared in disbelief at the paper in our hands.

Our $30m prize had dwindled to just $121 each.

Hardly enough for the cab fare home about 20 miles away. Mom and I looked at our prize again.

"How could this be?" we asked each other.

Well, relax, because this never happened.

And it never could happen.

But some folk think that is what WILL happen if everyone bought my system. A fiscal disaster resulting in everyone in your town winning the jackpot on one gigantic occasion.

Here's why it won't, and why you can sink back into your comfy chair and chill out.


1. The range of prizes in many games is enormous. If you played the USA Powerball last Wednesday, there were 558,241 prizes available. They ranged from the jackpot of over $25 million down to $3. Do you think you could grab any one of those half milllion prizes? Bet you can.

2. Not everyone plays when you do. Many folk forget. Some can't afford it that week. Some are saving for their monthly play. Some only play with a $6 ticket. Some are too busy fixing the airconditioning or the car. Some have left the country on vacation... you get the picture. For every 100 Silver Lotto System buyers (Silverites), probably only 1 plays. Yes, I try to get that figure higher, but it's probably correct.

3. Only a tiny fraction of the world's lottery players own or even play my system. As much as I don't like to admit it, my buyers - Silverites - are an exclusive elite. I haven't come within a gnat's whisker of getting even 1 in a half million to buy my full system. Ask anyone nearby if they've heard of it. I'll bet they haven't.

Now, this is a good thing for both you, and my lottery affiliates. It means there is limitless opportunities to make a real killing selling my products.

It also means your prize-winning competition - whether it's your mom or another player 1000 miles away - is way out of the picture. So the chances of sharing a prize is pretty rare.

But the chance of WINNING a prize for yourself is vastly easier.

Here's one from Canada:

Hi Ken; Just thought I would share this good new's... we just won $70,634.60 on the 6/49 in Canada... Thanks So much! Murry B.