COLLECTIBLES: The James Bond Auction - Your Investments Can Be Fun

The Omega Seamaster Professional "Planet Ocean" wristwatch, worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in 'Skyfall.' Photo: BusinessInsider

So you've got a lottery jackpot tucked safely away in the bank. And you've read my previous posts on how to protect your winnings.

So what do you buy next? There are many ways to splash your cash, but many are not wise investments.

For example, most winners buy a new car. But as soon as they drive it out of the showroom, it loses at least a third of its value.

That could be an instant $100,000 lost if you bought at the top end of the market.

Are there objects... collectibles... that will not lose value?

Maybe here at a 2012 Christie's auction: 50 Years Of James Bond--The Auction.

Theses are memorabilia from the James Bond films, and let's face it - those films have been hugely popular for decades.

For example, a belt with gold bullet buckle worn by Christopher Lee as Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun went for £30,000 (US$46.200) (right).

If you buy an original associated with the Bond franchise, you'll get enjoyment even if you don't get all your money back in a few years.

Imagine the fun you will have telling your friends you have the original (fiberglass) shotgun from Sean Connery's "You Only Live Twice."

Take a look at the range of items at the online auction which finished October 8.

Check out the items and their realised prices here:


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