How To Take Advantage From The End Of The World Tomorrow

All that money and nowhere to spend it tomorrow?

I'm surprised how many people believe in the ridiculous 'end of the world' scenario coming up tomorrow the 21st.

Anyone with any sense will realize it's just another scare-mongering tactic in a long line of events that have never happened.

But as with all calamities, you can profit. Here's how:

I'm guessing that a number of lottery players will not be buying their usual quota of tickets this week. They may think there's no use doing that - nowhere to spend it.

And even if that number is quite small, there's another, even bigger group who won't be buying tickets.

All the people who are stressed out and maxed out with Xmas shopping and lack of time.

They won't be buying either. So I predict the player numbers for many games around the Western world will be down.

That leaves you and me who will continue to buy tickets according to our System.

And we'll have a big advantage. Because when we buy, we'll be sharing our prizes with less prizewinners.

Which means all the more for us!

So forget about the doom and gloom prophecies.

It will come to nothing. And we'll pick up more than our share when the Big One draws!


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Fiona.B. (fio********