Talking Lotto Balls? Only In This Fanciful BedTime Lottery Winning Story

Imagine this scenario.

You're a lotto ball. Let's say a No.2. Sitting in the barrel, patiently waiting your turn.

But as each week goes by, you're getting more and more concerned.

"Surely it will be my turn soon?" you ask yourself, as 16 and 34 go out for the second time in a row.

Week after week you wait, anxiously peering out into the big wide world through the perspex... hoping your time will come real soon.

And every time the barrel rolls, you desperately thrust yourself towards the opening, hoping against hope that you will be chosen and you will finally escape from the clattery prison.

Suddenly, as the barrel turns once more, No.40 - a grizzly veteran of many Saturday nights - whispers to you as he passes..."You've got a chance tonight No.2 - don't let us down!"

And finally the opening appears... and you're free.

Wheee! You shoot down the tube and bang against No.12.

"Ouch!" he says gruffly. "Not so hard please."

But you don't care. You made it at last.

You're a winner!

OK, what age group do you think finds this story believable?

I'll tell you. A 6 year-old... no older. The same age as when kids stopped believing in Santa Claus.

Because if you're older than 6, and you believe this, then you'll believe anything the rest of the lotto world - except me - will tell you.

The truth is this: NO number has any better chance than another on a play-by-play basis.

Absolutely none. And do you know how I figure that? 

Because it's proven all combinations start from zero each time.

There is no history in lotto numbers played. There are no hot or cold numbers. Numbers are not "due" on any particular date. 

It is all a fairy story. Made up by other lottery number-crunchers who want to sell their systems to the unsuspecting public.

You're not one of those now. Relax.

Now that I've torn down the theories that many other players falsely live by, let's build them up again... but differently this time.

You see, numbers DO behave in a pattern that is not quite random, but not orderly either. And the finest example is a pattern I have never seen in my 25+ years of research.

I call it the 1-2-3-4-5-6 bad-boy pattern.

Can also be 2-4-6-8-10-12.

Or 42-41-40-39-38-37.

You are unlikely to get those numbers all falling together at one time. The chances are infinitesimal. Very remote indeed.

And most players know it. That's why you never see a bad-boy picked out on a board or coupon... or even as a drawing from the computer pick. Because everyone knows they are hugely unlikely to occur.

But luckily there are many patterns that are more easily identified. Milllions of other bad-boys arranged in different ways.

Remove those bad-boys also, and you have a small percentage of random numbers that you can leave to chance, luck or whatever you like to call it.

That's what the Silver Lotto System, and PRO, and LottoPredict are based on.

They squeeze as many as 99% of the bad-boys out... and leave only the good guys.

And that my dear readers, is your REAL bedtime story for today!