I'm Answering 9 Hot Questions That Will Immediately Ramp Up Your Lottery Winning Chances

Batman with his Lamborghini in Maryland, USA. Via DMV

Fortunately I can answer lottery questions much more easily than explain the strange Batman situation in this photo.

Following are 9 of the more common questions I get asked - both by people interested in my System, and those who already play.

Here's how you can ramp up your winnings by playing the lottery my way:

1) "How can I win more often?"

You are not alone here! Obviously you can PLAY more often, but don't make the mistake that most people do... they play with fewer tickets. You should always try to play with the maximum number of tickets from your System Profiles that you can afford each time. Even wait a month so you can get the maximum number of tickets.

2) "How can I get faster results?"

Concentrate on one game only. You won't have the same success if you play several games - it weakens your odds. A single-minded purpose is the secret of many winners.

3) "I have to play less often - can you help me win more?"

Players who ask me this question usually aren't winning as much as they had hoped. So they figure by playing less they will cut down the amount of money they're spending. The only way you can play less often - and maintain a winning advantage - is to increase the number of tickets you play in each game and play fewer games.

4) "How can I win more games more frequently?"

I developed LottoPredict just for that. It predicts when you should play, with a simple red and green 'traffic light' system.

5) "How can I increase my winning amounts?"

One way is to enter the games that have higher payouts. But of course, this generally means that they have lower win odds because they have larger number selections and balls. I generally don't recommend that you play the large ball/number games unless you use my PRO system developed especially for that.

6) "How can I spend less when I play?"

Money tight at the moment? My System is designed so that you can play a small number of lines and still have an excellent chance of reducing your odds. There is no set number or situation, but what the system does is bring you into the area of high wins for as little as $10-$15 a game.

7) "Can you guarantee that I'll get a big win?"

It's odd how many people ask me this. You need to realize that no lottery system can ever guarantee you wins of any kind. However, I believe the odds of winning with my systems are better than anywhere else.

8) "How can I stop losing money when I play?"

There is no such thing as a loss in my world. Because you never 'lose' money... you are simply paying for the privilege of entering the game, just like paying at the turnstile to get into a football match.

9) "Ken, how can I get the same winning percentage you do?"

My percentage is so high (in 98% of games I win one or more prizes) because I do all the things I recommend for you:

  • I play in games that have low numbers of balls and numbers
  • I don't play high ball and high number games as frequently
  • I don't play scratch games, just lotto
  • I play the full number of lines in my Profiles
  • I play frequently (weekly)
  • I NEVER give up.

Take a look at the last point - it's specially important. All success in life and lotto is mainly due to persistence and focus! Take RFA - Relentless Focused Action!

By the way, Batman - who also answered to the name Lenny when police pulled him over for speeding - was caught in Maryland where one of three Mega Millions big winners live. Going to a celebration maybe? 


OK i tried many other lotto programs and they all stank... So i tried yours. it took a while but i started to get some dollars. Then last week I got $77,000. wow!!!! I never had that much money in my life its like 2 years wages all at one time. First thing I did was to get my cards paid off. Then I treated my G/F and family out.

Thanks!!! John N.