AMAZING: Crazy Yellow Robot Teaches Us All A Lottery Lesson

iRobot founders with the Dirt Dog robot vacuum cleaner

Our outside deck was a little dirty this morning. After a few hours of wind last night there were some dirt and leaves on the surface.

Since the deck is quite large, it takes me a while to sweep.

A while back I had bought a robot cleaner... a vacuum cleaner called the Dirt Dog made by USA company iRobot. I've got several of their inside cleaners too.

In the beginning though, I wasn't a happy man.

After I had bought this bright yellow cleaner about the size and shape of a cake tin, I was keen to see it working.

So I pressed the ON button, and away it went, bumping and whirring its way round the deck.

After 10 minutes of watching with not much progress, I went back inside and did some work.

A few minutes later I came back out and saw much the same. Sure, a couple of the leaves had gone, but the deck looked still untouched.

So I took another 10 minutes to do more chores inside. On my return to the deck, I was surprised.

Not much was happening at all. Darn, had I bought a dud? How long was this machine going to take to finish sweeping my deck? Forever?

So I had lunch.

And 40 minutes later I heard a beep from the robot. It had finished.

Imagine my surprise when I went back out... and the deck was completely spotless!

How could this be? Each time I had visited, the Dirt Dog didn't seem to be doing much. But at the end of the cleaning cycle, you could eat your breakfast off the floor.

It made me think of how similar this routine is to the way many players play lotto using my Silver Lotto System.

They buy. They're excited after they receive the system and eagerly unwrap it. Then they play a game or two.

At first it seems nothing's happening. Maybe a small prize - nothing to write home about.

But, gradually, slowly, after several more games, the results start flooding in. Until at the end they have a winning game with many prizes, like magic.

I don't know why it should work this way. but it does.

It might take several games, but at the end I guarantee you'll have a few more lottery prizes you'll be proud of.

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