Is Spending All Your Lottery Winnings The Secret For A Happy Life?


The late millionaire Michael Winner spread many unconventional views on wealth through his newspaper columns. Photo.

Famed British film director and restaurant critic Michael Winner passed away in 2013. But I often re-read the columns he wrote for the Daily Mail because he had a cheeky wit I enjoyed.

In one of these articles, he ordered us to spend, and spend heavily. He said - tongue in cheek - that it helped everyone from businesses to boost the economy.

Of course, it helped spenders like lottery winners more, but that was his point.

In this column he made these amusing points about why we should spend up large:

"Feeling glum? ­Government cuts and the recession getting to you? Here’s the best way to bring a smile to your face: spend, spend and spend again. You can’t afford it? You probably can. You’re just too mean or cautious to give it a go.

Every time you spend, you keep people working. Manufacturers, sales people, factory staff — so when you blow money, you’re not only buying fun for yourself — you’re doing the nation a service. Look on it as an act of charity.

A multi-billionaire recently told me about how he travels on easyJet and pays £10 to get ahead of the queue and into better seats. I said: ‘Are you crazy? With your money you could avoid the horror of airports. Just go to a small, ­private building, walk through, get on a private jet and travel in style and comfort.’

‘I couldn’t do that,’ he responded. ‘It costs too much.’

I said: ‘The first person in your family who inherits your money and spends it properly — to enrich his own life — is going to have a marvellous time. What are you saving for? To buy a plastic ­Christmas tree from Homebase?’

I’m not suggesting you all go on private jets, delightful as it is. But, in your own way, make life happier by spending on things you like.

Don’t tell me you’ve got to leave something for the children. Let them make their own way in life."

- Michael Winner

Many lottery players don't spend enough on their tickets. Sure, I say that you only need to spend $10 or so to get results with my System.

But spending more improves your winning chances by a lot.

Worried about overspending? You don't have to... most of us have a built-in restraint-o-meter. It usually tells us when we're going too crazy.

But we can always spend more.

Try it, and see the improvement you get.

As the aptly named Winner says: "I’ll tell you how I see life. It’s made of thousands of small mosaic tiles. A mosaic tile for every day of your life. Many of them will be grey. Those are days when you were not happy."

"Some of them are gold. Those are days which you really enjoyed. You must do all you can to see that the gold mosaic tiles flourish and grow and that the grey mosaic tiles are as few as possible."

"On the golden mosaic days, you’ve won. You’ve won that day. On the grey mosaic days, you lost. Life was a drag, a waste of time."

Hey Ken, to hand it to you, the lotto system you invented should be destroyed so only I can use it. I had to share my prize with 3 others which made it only $54,370.00 for me, but Im not complaining...

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