We search for 10 of the biggest lottery winners and ask where are they now?

No doubt about it, when you win money your life changes in often dramatic ways. Here’s 10 large jackpot winners who led a varied life after they won. They include Urooj Khan, Sharon Tirabassi, Michael Carroll, William ‘Bud’ Post, Abraham Shakespeare, Bob Erb, David Lee Edwards, Billy Bob Harrell Jr, Tom Baker and Andrew J Whittaker.

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Powerball $768 million winner FAILS to give away $200 gift cards on Mother's Day

Powerball $768 million winner FAILS to give away $200 gift cards on Mother's Day

Manuel Franco, seen here with Nicole Domitro, revealed himself in April as the $768 million Powerball jackpot winner. PHOTO: Facebook

All the multi-millionaire Powerball winner wanted to do was give away some of his wealth. At the press conference in April he spoke about helping others after financial advisors got his own affairs in order. But a month later, Manuel Franco found it was a harder task than he first thought.

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73-year-old New York lottery winner says his dog helped him win $10 million prize

73-year-old Dale Farrand recently won the $10 million prize on a Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket. The Fort Edward man seen here with lottery presenter Yolanda Vega (r), says he bought a $30 ticket at a local Cumberland Farms convenience store while buying Slim Jims snacks for his dog Boots.