Cryptolocker Special Scary Security Warning

There's no need to get alarmed, but I'm going to talk about a scary computer virus doing the rounds.

It grabs your files and locks them up.

Then the nasty hackers demand a ransom for giving them back to you.

Your own files! The cheek of them.

Experts say antivirus software may help stop the CryptoLocker virus which often shows as fake FedEx and UPS tracking notices.

But they advise that the best defense is to avoid opening attachments.

So here's the good news.

For the last six months or so, I have made all my files into links. No attachments.

When you buy from me, you'll have NO worries about viruses and the like.

There's nothing to viri! (If that's a real word).

And access to my System is through a special Private Access website. You can't get in without a password. This makes it almost foolproof - and super safe to use.

I hope that makes you feel better about buying from me.

Oh, one other thing...

Your credit card.

Did you know that we have been processing your cards for over 15 years without a single security breach?

True. Take the plunge... there's never been a safer time to buy the Silver Lotto System. 


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