Beware Of This Lotto Store Scratch-Off Card Scam [VIDEO]


Check these following steps to see if your scratch card has been tampered with.

Be wary - that's the message from the California Lottery for scratcher players. Some ticket sellers are cashing in on scratch-off winning tickets with a sneaky tactic, and players are missing out on prizes.

This is how it works...

The codes are like these at the bottom of many scratch cards. Michigan Lottery

Vendors scratch out a tiny code at the bottom of a scratchers ticket and then enter that into a lottery computer to determine if the ticket is a winner.

The merchant then cashes in the winning tickets and leaves their customers with the losing ones.

You can guard against the scam by examining the ticket for areas that have already been scratched. Check that there are no numbers revealed at the bottom of the ticket.

If you suspect the card has been tampered with, call 1-800-LOTTERY, officials said.

Watch this video for the steps you need to take to check your tickets.