New Lotto Changes Show Winner Numbers Have Dropped By A THIRD After Seven Weeks

The Irish Lottery television draw is conducted every Wednesday and Saturday.

 The Irish National Lottery is facing a huge drop in winners--even as the value of jackpot prizes climb.

Sweeping changes to the national draw were introduced seven weeks ago, and the Irish Mirror analysed the result.

It shows the number of prizewinners has dropped 33% since the controversial new system was introduced on September 3 – despite the fact players are paying 50c more per line to enter.


Fianna Fail’s public expenditure spokesman Sean Fleming said it was inevitable consumers would lose out after an ownership change.

The National Lottery licence was sold for €405million in 2013 to a private consortium which includes the Camelot Group and An Post.

He told the Mirror: “This is what happens when you bring in the private sector. They put a system in place that has guaranteed there will be fewer winners but the lucky few who do win bigger."


ABOUT: The Irish Lottery has been creating big prize winners and raising vital funding for good causes since the first tickets went on sale over two decades ago. Today, games like Irish Lotto and EuroMillions enjoy considerable success among players through the Republic and beyond.

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