Cornwall Man, 59, Became The First UK Lottery Player To Win Two Major Prizes In The Same Draw

Derek and Dawn Ladner celebrate their double win of nearly £1 million.

A memory lapse meant that Cornwall man Derek Ladner almost missed out on a second jackpot prize of the same amount.

Astoundingly he only remembered a week after claiming his share of a £2.5 million in a 2007 UK National Lottery draw - that he had bought another ticket.

And that ticket also had the same numbers, meaning he had won two shares amounting to £958,284 (US$1.3M).

It was believed to be the first time the same person has won twice in the same draw.

A Camelot Lottery spokesman said: "It must have been a huge and happy surprise."

Mrs Ladner said it took her husband a little while to convince her they had hit a double jackpot.

"I just couldn't believe it - I kept telling him he'd got it wrong and to check it again," she said. 
He said they will continue to play the lottery - keeping the same numbers.

"They say lightning never strikes twice but it did, so perhaps it'll strike three times," he added.
The Ladners (left) donated a festive hamper in 2011 to support Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal for the Bristol Children's Hospital. PHOTO: West Briton

OUR TAKE: Derek used the Silver Lotto System's method for play - using the same numbers over again until they win. He would have benefited by using the System however, since it has been available since 1991.


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