It's A First For Australian Lottery Games - Now Playing Every Day Of The Week

For the first time ever, Australia's Tatts Lottery will now draw a lottery every day of the week. 

The introduction of Tattersall's newest game "Set For Life" will draw a winner each and every day.

Previously there were no national lotteries drawn on Fridays and Sundays.

Tatts Lotto spokeswoman Elissa Lewis in a previous interview.

 Tatts Lotto spokeswoman Elissa Lewis said the prize - $20,000 each month for 20 years - was "life enhancing".

"The prize is designed to enhance the lives of winners as opposed to some of our bigger jackpot style games where those prizes are more life changing," Ms Lewis said.

The chance of winning in the new game "Set For Life" is roughly one in 19.3 million. 

A commentator argued that a winner would be better off getting a lump sum pay out because the value of $20,000 would drop in the future. 

But Ms Lewis said it was not offered as a lump sum, and would only be paid out as a sum to the winner's estate if they died.


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