Grumpy Cat dies but the money from the Minnesota Lottery scratch-offs keeps rolling on


The famed Grumpy Cat with her owner Tabatha Bundesen from Morristown, Arizona.

The little kitten who became famous for her facial expression has died. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, said Grumpy Cat died of complications from a urinary tract infection on May 14.

Real name Tadar Sauce, the 7-year-old cat with the scowl became an internet sensation, earning her owners up to $80 million (£64M), reported the Daily Express.

Much of those funds were gained through royalties, and several lotteries contributed to her fortune in this way.

The Minnesota Lottery scratch-off card game featuring Grumpy Cat.

Helping swell that income was the Minnesota Lottery who ran a scratch card second chance game with the tagline: “DON'T BE GRUMPY. Turn that frown around and enter for a second chance to win!”

They used the Grumpy Cat and Related Artwork © and ® Grumpy Cat Limited under License.

The current 2nd chance game, called the Grumpy Cat 2nd Chance asks players enter their non-winning GRUMPY CAT scratch tickets for a chance at $100 and some officially licensed ‘cool cat’ merchandise.


Lee Valsvik interviews owner Tabatha Bundesen. Grumpy Cat made an appearance at Mall of America in 2018 to promote new Grumpy Cat-themed scratch tickets at the Minnesota Lottery's Cat Scratch Party. PHOTO: Lydia Birt

The lottery says to “Enter by May 28th for the final drawing on May 30 for your chance to put a smile on your puss.”

The Pennsylvania Lottery was another lottery who developed a similar game.

The superstar was given a permanent scowl after being born with feline dwarfism.

She has 2.4million followers on Instagram, traveled first class and stayed at the very best hotels during the height of her fame.