My motivating trophy winning day and how it helps me (and you) win the lottery


I have an unusual framed photo hanging on my garage wall. That's it above. And it's one that brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

Because it's a picture of me, second from left, in a group of people, standing in front of a Porsche GT3. No - it's not mine.

The photo was taken in 2012 when I joined 50 others in a special skills driving day put on by our local Porsche dealer, the Porsche World Roadshow. I think they were trying to sell me a car too.

What's so hot about that photo?

Well, if you look closely... you'll see I'm the shortest in this small group. I'm actually average height - a little taller than Tom Cruise - but these guys were pretty up there. I'm also the oldest of the group by a couple of decades or more. (Yup - not much going for me there age-wise either!)


A Porsche on the street. I like them, but nowadays I drive electric.

But here's three reasons why this picture brings a warm glow to my heart every time I look at it...

Because firstly, everyone in that group - except me - is a Porsche owner. Some even have two or more of these exotic sports cars and have owned them for years. They're no beginners - they are serious drivers with years of skill and practice. So I'm cosying up with the elite here.

And secondly, several of them race competitively on the race track. I'm talking 200km/hr and up. Fast, skilled. What great company I'm in!

And the third reason?

Just a couple of hours after this photo was taken, despite all the shortcomings I've listed above - I was awarded the equivalent of a driving Oscar, having beaten them all! And I got this trophy.

The trophy in my office, an expensive large scale Porsche Cayman model on a dedicated plinth which reads "Slalom Winner." Me.

I had never driven a Porsche or raced on a track before, but I won the slalom course outright in a Porsche Cayman against all these experienced drivers.

And every day I look at the photo and the trophy, I'm reminded that it isn't how old you are... how tall you are... or fat or thin - or even how good-looking. You can beat the best in your field if you have the right attitude.

I was discussing my fantastic luck with an experienced race driver a few weeks later, and he said something that made me think:

"You won partly because of your skills, sure," he explained, "but the main reason is that you were able to follow instructions."

I blinked. I hadn't followed instructions for years... I like to set my own pace. But when I thought about it, he was right.

In the two test runs we did to familiarize ourselves with the track and the car, I listened very intently to the instructor. I did everything he said, as best I could. And the result was a success story that my family still keep hearing about!

So if you're feeling a little disadvantaged right now... maybe life isn't dealing you a top hand... remember this.

It isn't who you are, but what you can DO. You can achieve anything you put your mind to... from winning Lotto to being the best you can be in anything.

If you follow my instructions to the letter - as I point out on my Silver Lotto System - you WILL win eventually. And the rest of the crowd will just sit dejectedly on the grass verge and listen to your screaming engine as your driving skills propel you to greatness!

Nothing is impossible when you have enough desire and act on it. But taking action is essential.

That picture by my garage door inspires me to go out each week and buy my lottery tickets. Because I know that taking action is the first step to winning. And following instructions is the second step to success.

Start your engines!