The hidden patterns in lotteries revealed that few players know about


Some event are unpredictable. This Mega Millions winning couple collected their $1million prize just a day before their ticket expired.

You wake up. The alarm has gone off at the same time each work day. You have breakfast and set off to work as usual.

There is a repetition in your daily activities that is dangerous and a trap. Here's why:

It leads you to think that there's repetition in everything. You look for hidden patterns and repeating trends.

So while your experience helps you find the right bus from the several approaching in the distance, that's fine most times.

But when it comes to winning the lottery you've got to realise one important point...

There is no pattern in winning numbers. A nice neat selection of balls don't roll out of the barrel each game night according to a plan you or I have figured out:

Winning number patterns are not only random, but they start fresh each time.

That's because lottery balls don't have a memory. So all the talk of 'hot' and 'cold' numbers in other systems is simply ridiculous. There's no way these numbers fall out of the barrel in any form of predictable way.

So how does my System work then? And how do I predict play with LottoPredict?

A random lottery ball promotion for the National Lottery. Photo.

The main strength of my System is being able to isolate most situations and provide number patterns that will match as CLOSE as possible most of the time.

Most people know the chances of getting winning numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in a row are almost impossible.

And while it MAY happen according to the theory of chance, it's unlikely.

Instead, most lottery numbers fall into a sequence that is predictable within a range of certain margins. And in that small area of opportunity I help you get the best spread of numbers to match them.

It gets easier every year with a history of winning numbers to refer to, but that is never the right answer either. History only shows what was right back then, never ahead. And both situations are different.

For example, think of all the scientists trying to predict global warming by seeing what the earth did several million years back.

But back then we didn't have the population or the pollution! So the situation is quite different today.

Same with the lottery. You can't tell when the winning numbers come up next by taking examples from the past. Every time the balls roll out, they show a fresh combination.

And it's my job to get you as close as possible to it.

I believe I'm one of the few who can do this. My pattern theories work so well I can get 22 wins in one single game! And I get wins in most games and for many Silverites too... an amazing 98% most of the time.

Just by starting fresh each day. Try it!