Lottery millionaire used this simple Silver Lotto trick to win 16 prizes in one year


This is the New York store owned by multi-ticket winning player Armand Paganelli. PHOTO: Google

A New York store owner who bought 16 winning lottery tickets in a single year is using the same tactics as the Silver Lotto System. He reveals his secret later in this article.

Armand Paganelli has won more $100,000-plus lottery jackpots than any other New Yorker - including one for $625,000, one for $250,000, and another one for $25,000 - all between 2013 and 2014, according to the New York Post.

Paganelli, who owns Mt. Carmel Pharmacy with his brothers, had the tickets in stock so he didn't need to travel to buy them.

Janice Paganelli cashed in her husband's tickets. PHOTO: New York Post

Paganelli's wife Janice cashed in all of her husband’s tickets from his store on East 187th Street, though she isn't a fan of gambling.

"She has never bought a lottery ticket in her life . . . she’s completely against gambling. I just ask her to cash them for me," Paganelli told The New York Post.

It's legal for retailers to buy lottery tickets at their own store but Paganelli doesn't buy scratch off tickets which could be checked for winning numbers by the store owner.

The Paganelli couple live in Westchester where they own a Jet Ski and seven cars.

Armand Paganelli says the secret is simple - he merely buys a lot of tickets.

“I buy a lot of tickets. They’re here and I like to gamble,” Armand Paganelli said, pointing to his store’s lottery machine.

“The negative is much greater than the positive, you can be sure of that,” he said.

How Paganelli plays is exactly how the Silver Lotto System works. By increasing the number of tickets you buy and the frequency you play, you will get better results.

A mural for the Boys & Girls Club of America on a building wall. PHOTO:

Paganelli wouldn’t divulge what numbers he regularly chooses, but did explain where the winnings go — his four kids’ college educations and charity.

He’s a board member of a Bronx Boys & Girls Club, and his office is filled with photos of charity events and certificates of appreciation.

“Everywhere you look is charity, it’s our life, it’s what we do,” Paganelli said.