LOTTERY PLAYERS: Are you a true Silverite?


The name ‘Silverite’ was originally given to prospectors a hundred years ago.

For those of you who don't know what a Silverite is, it's the name I give to buyers of my System. It can also be an online game - but I'm sure I coined the term first!

My Silverites don't get a number or any special name tags, but they do get some other advantages like my personal online support and enthusiastic newsletters.

Okay, back to my question... "Are You a True Silverite?"

You will know if you are because:

- Silverites are planners. Right at this very minute they are probably getting ready for their next game. Even though the last one is still warm.

- Silverites are persistent. They know that the combination of my Silver Lotto System and their steady investment will ultimately give them The Big Win. They play often.

- Silverites are positive and enthusiastic. These traits carry them through the low win times.

It's easy to become a true Silverite... just buy the System and start reading my newsletters!

Also, now is the time to start thinking about your lottery success. I want you to aim for the moon.

Disregard where you are now, and be determined to make this your best month EVER.

For Silverites, this means:

1- Concentrating as much investment on one game as possible instead of spreading play money out over many games.

2- Staying with the same numbers each time, instead of changing them when you don't seem to get results.

3- Having a Winning Wish List... a detailed list of maybe 10 items that you desperately want. This is where you describe everything you have ever dreamed of, and put it in writing. The act of writing it down is very important. It makes your dreams concrete.

Review this list every day. Read it, visualize yourself having all the happiness that money can bring.

This will power you through the time ahead.