How to improve your lottery winning odds with this single tip


Winning is easy to understand when you relate it to finding a rare car on the road. Photo: ExoticSpotter

Here's why playing the same set of numbers as often as you can leads to more wins.

What you are really doing when you play the lottery more frequently is increasing the opportunities to win, and this can be shown with this simple example.

Imagine you are standing by the side of a busy road, waiting for a rarely seen car to come along, say a Ferrari.

When you see one a short while later, you then go home, pleased that you saw one.

Now imagine if you stayed at the side of the road for much longer, even an hour or two.

It's very likely you'll see two, five - or even more - in a couple of hours patiently watching. You have increased your winning odds dramatically.

Using the Silver Lotto System is like waiting at the side of the road waiting for the prizes to come past and match your numbers.

The longer you keep playing, the better your chances of winning. Frequency wins!