Powerball winner steps forward and talks frankly to Fox News about the ups and downs of his $100 million win

Fox News host Shep Smith caught up with Florida resident Steven White who won $110 Million in the Pennsylvania Powerball lottery in 2004, to see how he has coped since then. With his wife Kristin, Steve moved from New Jersey to a private compound in Florida, where he keeps a sportscar collection in a Garage Mahal next to their enormous house. He talks frankly about the win.

What amazing secret gave this lottery winning couple two million-dollar wins?

What amazing secret gave this lottery winning couple two million-dollar wins?

Diane and Kerry Carmichael won twice - 20 years apart - in the Arizona lottery, playing at the same store.

There are many stories of lottery players winning large prizes multiple times. What is most surprising is not that they won - but that after they won millions of dollars they…

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Her mum rang UK from Forida and told daughter to buy a Euromillions lottery ticket - 40 minutes before the draw closed

Her mum was in Florida getting an operation for a tumor when she heard about the EuroMillions lottery having a rollover. Having successfully recovered from the operation, she thought it was a lucky time to take a chance on the game and FaceTimed her daughter back in the UK. Guess what happened.

She won the lottery but now catches a bus to work. What happened to her and 9 other winners will give you the chills

Ah, lottery money. Sharon Tirabassi won a life-changing $10.5 million dollars. Then, like many lottery winners desperate to experience the good life, she started to spend it on cars, clothes, parties, trips and handouts. In less than 10 years Sharon was riding the bus to her new job so she can afford the rent on her modest house. But there's good news too. Watch to see how she handled her prize money and see 9 other winners who weren't quite as lucky.

What happens inside a lottery jackpot prize presentation? Truth is, it's a little boring -except to the winners

This couple were planning their retirement, but it didn't look good. So they did what every sensible retiree does - they bought a lottery ticket in the 2011 Minnesota Powerball lottery.

The result, well, Tom and Kathleen Morris of Burnsville, won $228.9 million, enough to help out in their retirement years and then some. They looked happy in this presentation interview at the lottery headquarters. But then, who wouldn't!

Would you date this millionaire lottery winner if she paid you $78,000 a year? No surprise - 10,000 men said yes

Would you date this millionaire lottery winner if she paid you $78,000 a year? No surprise - 10,000 men said yes

One of Britain’s youngest lottery winners has an unusual proposition for eligible bachelors. PHOTO: Jane Park Instagram

Jane Park was just 17 years-old when she won £1 million (US$1.3M) in the EuroMillions lottery. But the now-23-year-old has split up with her boyfriend and wants to pay a pile of cash to find a suitable new replacement.

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You can win the lottery twice! This Arkansas couple won two jackpots totaling $1,050,000 in ONE day

Seems unbelievable doesn't it? The lottery is hard enough to win once, let alone twice... not to mention two times in ONE day. When Stephen and Terri Weaver set out for a day-long fishing trip, they had no idea they would come back millionaires.

They picked up a lottery ticket locally and headed out to fish. They stopped at the same place again on their way home and decided to grab another lottery ticket while they were there. That choice was their success move. Watch how it unfolded for them...

Scratch lotto winner wins TWICE at the same store getting a $10 Million prize within minutes

Rodney Meadows is a lucky man - lucky twice. His double win was a rare event, but the size of one of the prizes was the reason he got so much publicity from his win in 2017. The first scratch-off gave him $1,000 - no small change. Then within minutes the Modesto, CA man bought again - and struck $10 million. Watch to find out how the story unfolded.