My Experience With The Unhelpful Jet-Owning Millionaire, And How It Focused My Lottery Life


The millionaire businessman about to buy my Mercedes sports car was brief and to the point.

"My jet is being serviced right now, so I can't get down to see the car," he emailed me. "Please answer these questions for me..."

And he went on to ask some brief pointed questions about its condition.

My first impression was that he was a fake. Because I didn't know anyone who owned a private jet in our tiny country - apart from filmmaker Peter Jackson with his sleek Gulfstream flying over the harbor on its way to our airport every few weeks.


Filmmaker Peter Jackson boards his own jet.

So I got on to Google and found out a bit more about our jetsetting friend slash possible purchaser. To my surprise, it was all true. He did own a jet after all.

Great I thought, mentally rubbing my hands with glee. This guy obviously has money to burn... I've got a bluechip buyer on my hook.

How wrong I was.

He bailed after giving several weak excuses, and the sale fell over. He was probably a tire-kicker. And I learned a little more about rich folk in the process.

One of the more interesting facts about the wealthy I've learned, is that basically they're the same as you and I. But for one thing...


They are extremely focused.

There was no waffling about with Jet Man. He was direct and to the point.

When he didn't get what he wanted, he cut his losses and I didn't hear from him again. I learned a valuable lesson that day, several years ago.

It was to increase my focus.

I cut out several projects that might have worked but were going nowhere fast. I focused in on lottery games with big results.

That meant concentrating only on playing one game, and pouring all my resources into it.

That's what I recommend to you as well. My system demands focus, whether you spend $10 a game or $100.

You must play regularly without fail in order to win.

As for me, I decided I wouldn't spend any lottery winnings on a jet. They are a drain on the pocket. To run a jet, or a superyacht, you need about 10% of its purchase cost a year for maintenance and operation. So a $10 million jet will cost you a million bucks a year to run. Ouch.

When the time comes I will do what the world's richest man does. Billionaire Warren Buffet doesn't own his own jet - he rents one from his own company when he needs it.


Bill Gates (l) and Warren Buffet jet together.

I took a tip from his actions. You can also rent my LottoPredict.

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So for the price of one hamburger and fries a month, you get weekly predictions for most of the world's lottery games. That's a lot of value.

What you may not know is that I haven't raised the monthly membership of $11 (yes, that little for a whole month!) for many years. It has to be the biggest bargain you'll ever get.

Sign up now - I need the cash for a jet trip :)

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