CHARITABLE WINNERS: One Good Turn Deserves Another For $4M Lottery Winners


While Leeds, UK couple Robin and Lesley Palmer were helping their community mop up after flooding, they didn't realize they had become millionaires.

Lesley Palmer scrubbed clean the loos at her flood-hit social club - unaware she had just hit a million pound lottery jackpot.

They had scooped the £2.1 million (US$4 million) in the National Lottery, but had not been able to check the tickets till 6 days later.

Mum-of-three Lesley told the Mirror: “We had been stranded by the floods in our bungalow on the Saturday night but come Sunday I was down at the club where water was pouring through the ceiling.

“The water was everywhere and the electrics had all fused. So I was scrambling about in the dark in the ladies’ toilets not realising I was a millionaire.”

Robin said: “We had been stuck in our home because of the floods.

"Had we known we were millionaires we could have hired a helicopter to fly us out.”

A good example of winnings going to the deserved!


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