Here's The Most Captivating Tool You Need To Win The Lottery

Shannon Severin won $3.3 million in the Canada Lotto 649 jackpot in 2013. Photo

As I packed up my research tools for this week's LottoPredict predictions a few minutes ago, I stopped for a minute to reflect.

...thinking of the next batch of winners who will flow through this week.

They'll all be filled with enthusiasm for the games ahead, knowing that they have a guiding hand helping them through the maze of winning combinations.

Winning any kind of lottery prize is almost impossible today without expert help.

There are so many millions of number combinations to find.

I was reminded of this while updating the Silver Lotto System website.

And I was looking back at the day I won 22 prizes in ONE game. What a fantastic result that was.

Of course many others have won multiple prizes too - that's just what happens when you play my System.

However, this record number still stands today, beating the 12 tickets I got in August before that.

And it reminded me of the most important tool you need for your winning games:


Inspiration keeps you enthusiastic, willing to persist until the numbers all click into position for you. As they will.

The proof is in the testimonials here.

Get and stay inspired by reading my newsletters and visiting the Lotto Life blog articles. There's some amazing examples here!

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