How To Escape Groundhog Day In Your Lottery Game And Start Winning


February 2 was Groundhog Day in the USA and Canada.

Since I don’t live in these countries, my memories of the event are mainly about the 1993 film of the same name.

If you remember, the theme was repetition, and it was fascinating to watch. Bill Murray (above) played a tv weatherman stuck in a daily time loop as he tried to report on Phil the groundhog.


It’s a film that has developed a cult following.

And it asks the question of us as lottery players - are you stuck in a losing loop?


#1. Are you playing the same game over again and not getting the win results you want?

The answer is choosing the right game first. Your LottoPredict chart gives you essential information on how to select the best one.

First, select the game in your area that has the lowest ticket price. This is because your success depends on playing as many tickets in each game as possible.

If you have several games with low ticket prices, then choose the one with the highest star rating. A 3-star is best.

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#2. Like Bill Murray’s character, are you doing the same thing in every game?

The System depends on repetition, but of a good kind. Make sure you are playing the same tickets each time.

Some players vary their numbers after a while if they’re not getting results. Don’t. The secret of the Silver Lotto System depends on this duplication of play every game. You win chances are always higher when you do.


#3. To exit the Groundhog loop, use PRO.

PRO overrides all the problems of not playing regularly, which is the essence of the System.

While LottoPredict tells you when to play, it also tells you when NOT to, so you can avoid wasting your ticket money. What you want is a way to keep playing those ‘NO’ days. And PRO does that perfectly.

It’s a one-off cost which goes a huge way towards speeding up your win rates:

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