How Billy Walter's $2-million-a-day gambling tactics can help you win the lottery faster


Billy Walters' Vegas tactics can help you win the lottery.

I suggest you read this story whenever you think you're going to win the lottery with a $2 quickpick.

Billy Walters is an expert on sports betting. He picks teams which win and places big money on them. And he did this many times a day.

In a CBS tv interview in 2011, he was filmed making bets totaling $1.3 million. He said he would probably bet $2 million that day.

A day!

Of course, there's a downside to everything, and Billy's losing streak is many times bigger than ours. Sometimes he will not win for weeks or a month at a time.

But when he wins, it's enough to buy and maintain his new $20 million jet, and seven homes. And he's been doing this for over 30 years.

It's a fascinating story of a player who believes he will win against the odds. And he does.

And his secret is this - he has a system.

Most players who win consistently use a system. In their world, there's no such thing as luck.

Luck is to be controlled as tightly as you can. And in Billy's system, he controls his winnings this way:

  • He has dozens of assistants scattered all over the country and monitors the games from a bank of screens in front of him. He tells them what and when to bet by phone.

  • He plays big. Billy knows that you can't stay small, because you win small.

  • He plays daily. It's the frequency method I keep reminding you about.

But most importantly - he has a secret system that works.

Like the Silver Lotto System, his working method is hidden. In the tv interview you could easily see the screens and listen to his instructions - even see the scribbles on his worksheet.

But you can't figure out what really makes the whole thing tick.

Whether it's sports betting or the lottery, using a system is really very similar. You must use a winning system and follow it:

- Play frequently
- Play big
- Control the numbers with a system

Whenever you get dispirited, remember that out there some people have far more in the game than you, and they still persist.

They still follow the simple rules I give you - to eventually win the lottery.