Lottery Jackpot Blindness: What It Is - And How To Beat It To Win Millions


Imagine you have to make a decision about which lottery to play, and it's between 2 games. And let's say:

  • Game 1 has a jackpot of $10 million
  • Game 2 jackpot is $100 million

Easy to pick don't you think?  Most players will choose the $100M game.

Let's throw a little problem in here. Because: 

  • Game 1 cost $1 a ticket
  • Game 2 is $5 a ticket

Ouch, the expense of the $5 ticket means you can afford fewer tickets, which means less chance of winning the bigger jackpot.


Most players want the big jackpot win like Florida couple David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith.

And something else...

LottoPredict (the subscription prediction chart for the Silver Lotto System) might give these ratings for those games:

  • The $10M Game 1 gets a good 3-star rating, but... 
  • The $100M Game 2 gets a poor 1-star rating.

The more stars, the better your win odds. Makes it harder to choose now, doesn't it?

So here's how you do it...

If you want to win faster and more often, forget about the jackpot size and pick by those LottoPredict stars.


Even a Mega Millions $1 Million win is not a small sum, as Michigan woman Brenda Jewell will find out.

When you do this, you're actually more likely to get main and secondary prizes more often, because that's what the System was designed for.

So go for the 3-Star game. 

Even though these 3-star games have a lower jackpot, they usually have bigger benefits...

  • Lower ticket price
  • Easier to win

But not many players will follow that instruction willingly.

Because they have what I call Jackpot Blindness - a condition that makes them only want to go for the larger jackpots and leave the smaller amounts alone.

They are blinded by the big numbers like moths to a candle.


Palos Heights resident Patricia Busking became the winner of the largest prize in Illinois Lottery history with her $393M Mega Millions win.

If that's you, the answer is to play the big jackpot games occasionally, but mainly concentrate on the smaller games with the highest LottoPredict star rating.

And if I were to suggest a combination, I would say this:

Play three 3-star games to every 1-star game.

That way you get the best of both worlds!