How To Be A Member Of My Secret Society

Most winners can stay anonymous if they want to, like these Maryland Lottery Powerball winners behind the giant check.

I'm about to have breakfast with an almost-lottery winner and friend. Though Lester won $1 million last year in principle, he failed to play on the day and couldn't collect.

But he's still a winner in my business because he had the winning numbers ready to go. You can't change that fact.

I'm going to order an omelette from an authentic French cafe at the bottom of my street. Where the waiters call out "Bon appetit" (have a good meal) in a heavy accent every time they waltz past your table with the next order.

My breakfast guest will probably order the same.

But that's all I can tell you about him. I'm not going to reveal any more about this Silverite in my secret society of winners. Here's why...

The lottery winning business is a strange one. In my experience it is populated by winners who want to stay anonymous... who write testimonials using only first names and want to hide their financial bonanza from their neighbors and friends.

And I don't help, because I tell every winner to remain hidden - to change their phone number, mailbox and even their home address.

So with all that spy stuff going on, how do you know who has won a lottery prize?

Well, the number of testimonials is one part. Lester wrote his and you can see it on my website. And I have ways of checking other testimonials to see if they're genuine.

My constant stream of winning tickets is another example. A personal example is often the best way.

So in a few minutes I'll be sitting opposite another Silverite in a noisy cafe, tasting the finest omelette this side of the city.

And somewhere else in the world, another dozen Silverites will be celebrating their major wins.

Join them below:



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